Residents should now have received the correct letter about the consultation on a proposed Low Traffic Neighbourhood for Westcombe Park.
Please note that the proposal is for closure of all four routes across the railway but not necessarily 24 hours a day 7 days a week.   Buses would be allowed through at all times as would cyclists and pedestrians.
The current proposal is for camera monitored closures on Maze Hill, Vanbrugh Hill and Westcombe Hill and complete closure of Halstow Road to all but cyclists and pedestrians.
The consultation is asking whether residents agree with the proposals.  As camera monitored closures allow flexibility the consultation also asks what residents think about the timing and location of the proposed closures.
All roads north of the railway would keep access to and from the north at all times and all roads to the south of the railway would keep access to and from the south at all times.
Residents are encouraged to respond before the end of the consultation on 8 March.
As of 22 February there have been over 2000 responses on the consultation website.  The range of views that have been submitted this way can be seen by scrolling down on the consultation page.  This does not include any letters that people have sent directly to the Council.