The Westcombe Society aims to strengthen  the local community and one of the ways it does this is by fundraising  for a “Charity of the Year” . The Greenwich Night Shelter ,which helps the homeless, was the Society’s chosen charity for 2019.

Each year, the successful locally funded charity is one that is making a difference to the quality of people’s lives in our local community that needs a helping hand with funds to continue its good work. It can be a charity working to help children, the sick, people with disabilities, or carers who need support etc.  If possible we look to fund a particular need but please talk to us if you think we can help in any way.

Applications for the 2020 Charity of the Year are open and if you would like to apply please  email, attaching an A4 write-up providing full details of the organisation and outline aspects of the work being done that need financial help.
The Westcombe Society announces the charity it will be supporting  at its 2020 AGM.