The Controlled Parking Review which has recently been distributed proposes that roads that have asked to be included in the extended controlled parking will have Permit / Pay and Display instead of the ‘2 hours free’ as in the existing controlled bays.

The Westcombe Society, like many others thought that the consultation in December 2015 only asked about extending the extent of the ‘2 hours free’  bays and or times/days of controls.  Presumably many residents responded on this basis.

The current proposal does not suggest changing the existing 2 hour bays but does propose Permits combined with Pay and Display in a number of roads/parts of roads not already included in the controls (Coleraine, Hardy, Beaconsfield, Ingleside Grove, Mycenae Road, Vanbrugh Park, St Johns Park, Invicta and Old Dover Road).   Although the first 30 minutes will be free we wonder if those residents who wanted to be included in the controls want Permit / Pay and Display rather than ‘2 hours free’.

The proposal also suggests splitting the existing zone into smaller chunks and introducing Pay and Display only (with the first 30 mins free), outside the Old Dover Road shops.

We would like to encourage ALL residents to respond to the new proposals.  Residents should have received the consultation material which provides space to make clear exactly what you want in your street.  Make sure you have your say by replying before the deadline of 23 September 2016.

The Westcombe Society have been in touch with Council officers to find out more about the details of the proposals and can now add the following information:

  • 2 hour free parking instead of Pay and Display in the extended control areas is probably an option if that is what the majority of residents want.  2 hour free parking is cheaper to install and removes the need for ticket machines but it is more difficult to police so might be policed less often than Pay and Display.  Residents should make it clear in their responses if they would prefer 2 hour free parking, Pay and Display or stay with the existing controls/free parking in their street.
  • The zone boundaries are designed to reduce cross zone commuting e.g. to the station or shops.  If residents are unhappy with the zone boundaries they should say so.  Slight shifts may be possible if residents can justify this on reasonable grounds such as safety.
  • Pay and Display will be coins in machines (and possibly cards in machines) or mobile phone.  Charges are not yet agreed but are likely to be 30 minutes freefollowed by 80p an hour in 15 minute increments.
  • Business permits are to be available.  Likely cost will be £100 per year for the first and £250 per year for subsequent permits up to a total of 10.

If you no longer have your consultation documents they can be downloaded from

More information and email submissions can be obtained from/sent to