The Westcombe Society is very pleased that their campaign to allow cycling along Bower Avenue in Greenwich Park has borne fruit and all cyclists can now cycle safely to Blackheath Gate from Westcombe Park without having to negotiate the traffic and parked cars in the Avenue.

We support the right of cyclists to use and enjoy Greenwich Park.  However we would like to encourage them to take extra care when in the Park, particularly at the gates.  There have been a number of accidents involving cyclists particularly at or near gates.  Cyclists should dismount at all gates, please remember there might be an elderly person or a child on the other side.  Also please remember that you don’t have to hit someone to throw them off balance if they are suddenly confronted with a cyclist heading towards them.  You are far more in control if you cycle at a reduced speed in the Park and if you dismount  completely at gates.

The Westcombe Society will continue to campaign for the safe enjoyment of the Greenwich Park for all users.