The Blackheath Joint Working Party (BJWP) brings together Councillors and Officers from both Lewisham and Greenwich Councils plus representatives from the resident’s amenity societies neighbouring the heath. The BJWP’s remit is to advise both the Councils who manage the heath on issues affecting Blackheath.

The BJWP is holding an Open Meeting on

Wednesday 23rd February 2022



Blackheath Quaker Meeting House, Lawn Terrace, Blackheath, London SE3 9LL

Residents are welcome to attend, ask questions and give their views.

Currently the Westcombe Society are particularly concerned that the new Event Policy for Blackheath allows 90 days for each Council to hold events on the heath each calendar year (as opposed to 90 days overall). These figures do not include the London Marathon, nor do they currently include use of the heath for commercial filming.

The current Event schedule for 2022 is:

Under 12s funfair: set up 10/11 February, duration 12 to 20 February, take down 21 February

Zippos Circus: set up 25 – 30 March, duration 31 March – 18 April, take down 19/20 April

Funfair on Circus Field: 27 March – 19 April

Race for Life: set up 25 June, event on 26 June

Botton’s funfair: setup 21/22 July, duration 23 – 31 July, take down 1 Aug

Cellar Door cinema (to be confirmed): 22 – 31 July

Funfair on Circus Field: 15 Aug – 5 September

Music Festival (to be confirmed): 21/22 August (plus setup/takedown)

London Marathon: set up 26 September – 1 October, marathon 2 October, take down 3/4 October

Kite Festival: setup 6/7 October, duration 8/9 October, take down 10 October

Circus on Circus Field: 17 -31 October

Funfair: setup 19 – 21 October, duration 22 – 30 October

Fireworks (to be confirmed): 6 November

Filming: no of days and dates unspecified

We have produced the above in chart form under the title Proposed Events on Blackheath 2022

This shows that the total number of event days (including set up/take down) could currently be 152 in 2022. Taking overlap of events into account the number of days event infrastructure is currently proposed on the heath in 2022 brings the number of days down to 106. This does not currently include commercial filming.