We are pleased to report that our local MP Matthew Pennycook has been successful in persuading the DfT to allow GTR’s Passenger Benefit Fund to be spent on actual stations in his constituency.  Previously the stations had been awarded funds but the money could not be spent on the actual stations as GTR does not manage them.

The money has been awarded because of the disruption suffered on our line during the introduction of the new Thameslink timetable last year.  Maze Hill and Westcombe Park have been awarded £50,000 each and Greenwich has been awarded £30,000.

Thanks are due to Matthew Pennycook for his perseverance in pressing the Rail Minister to intevene, first Andrew Jones and now Chris Heaton-Harris.

GLUG (Greenwich Line User Group) have already responded with various suggestions including raising of platforms to allow level access to Thameslink trains and a ramp from the down platform at Maze Hill to the Maze Hill railway bridge.  The Westcombe Society will be supporting these proposals.

Ideas are also sought from members of the public via http://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/PassengerBenefitFund.

The consultation is open until 31 August 2019.