Despite substantial opposition from residents it appeared likely that LTNs (Low Traffic Neighbourhoods) would be introduced in East and West Greenwich, albeit with significant reduction in hours of operation.  However the decision has now been ‘called in’ by four Councillors, Leo Fletcher (Blackheath Westcombe), Maisie Richards Cottell (East Greenwich), Lakshan Saldin (Charlton Hornfair) and Matt Hartley (Leader of the Opposition who represents Mottingham, Coldharbour & New Eltham).  The decision will therefore be discussed by a committee of Councillors who will make a recommendation to Averil Lekau (Deputy Leader and Cabinet member for Climate Change, Environment and Transport who represents Thamesmead Moorings).  Cllr. Lekau will make the final decision.  This will probably now be after the Mayoral election on May 2nd.

If the decision is to go ahead this will be done under a ETO (Experimental Traffic Order) i.e. a trial for up to 18 months.  The hours of operation recommended by officers are now proposed to be Monday to Friday 7am to 10am and 3pm to 7pm.  This will be enforced by the use of ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras.  There are also improvements in the range of vehicles that will be able to apply for excemption as compared to the proposals consulted on in 2023.

The Westcombe Society has concerns about the proposals, despite the changes, and has written to Councillors about this.  More details will be available in the upcoming April issue of Westcombe News.  The April issue will hopefully be delivered to most local households before Easter and will also be available in local libraries and on this website.

The use of a ETO means that the Council will have to give advance notice of implementation and during this period it will be possible to object.  If a significant number of objections are received by officers Councillors will be notified.  There will also be ongoing consultation after the scheme is introduced.  The Westcombe Society encourage residents to make their views known, both for and against, both before and after implementation.

Updates will be made available on this website when we have more information.

The Officer’s report re the decision is available to read through the following link: West & East Greenwich Neighbourhood Management Project Trial Scheme

A pdf showing the East Greenwich/Westcombe Park map is also available on the following link East Greenwich and Westcombe Park 2023 option A This is the map from the 2023 consultation.  It is understood that the bus gates and closures shown will now all be ANPR controlled only during peak hours Monday to Friday so traffic will be able to use all roads as now at other times.