Thank you very much to all those who wrote letters to the Council.  You will receive a formal response from the Council in the next few days.  The fact that the Council received so many letters from so many people, along with the joint and individual responses from the amenity societies, is almost certainly what has persuaded the Council to change their minds.

We don’t know what will happen next but will update this website when we have more information to release.  We presume that the meeting scheduled for February 1st will not now include anything about Circus Field.

There is a Blackheath Joint Working Party meeting tomorrow evening (Tuesday 19th January) after which we hope we will know more about what is proposed for the heath in 2016.

It is hoped that future applications for licences and events will involve proper consultation and that the Councils will work together with residents’ representatives to produce a Blackheath Event policy that provides a balanced use of the heath for all.