A meeting of the John Roan Working Party was held on 4th July.  These meetings bring together representatives of the construction company, the school and local residents to discuss residents’ concerns about the ongoing redevelopment of both school sites.

Work on the new school is progressing well and is still on schedule for completion in the Autumn of 2014.   The refurbishment of the southern half the old building on the Maze Hill site is nearing completion and the school will be moving into these classrooms in September to allow refurbishment of the other half of the building.

The temporary generator on the Westcombe Park Road site which has been causing a noise nuisance to a number of residents for many months is at last due to be turned off early in August.

A Planning Application is is expected very soon covering landscaping.  This will include three new trees on the Westcombe Park Road frontage including replacements for the Cedar and Horse Chestnut that were felled.

The new buildings continue to cause concern for some of the immediate neighbours but the school are sympathetic to their needs and have undertaken to use opaque film to screen all windows that directly overlook the residential properties at the western end of the new teaching block in Westcombe Park Road. Screening for those whose gardens back onto the Westcombe Park Road site near the new building is also under discussion.  All fencing will be refurbished and repaired when the building project is complete.

Residents were also told that there will be no exterior bells or buzzers and no lighting at night, except for subdued decorative lighting to the Maze Hill frontage and low lights for pathways.  The current night lights are a safety requirement on construction sites.

If any local residents not already in contact with the Working Party would like anything raised please contact the Westcombe Society Environment Committee on environment@westcombesociety.org