The Westcombe Society has a vacancy for a new Advertising Manager.

The Westcombe News is delivered to nearly 4000 local households so is a good outlet for advertising local businesses.  The paper is issued ten times a year and we need a volunteer to coordinate the advertising.  Although the paper is produced and delivered by volunteers we need the advertising revenue to cover the printing.  If anyone can help please get in touch with Marilyn Little on


We also need some more volunteers to help deliver the paper especially to cover rounds in the east of the area around Blackeath Standard, Vanbrugh Park and St John’s Park.  The paper only needs to be delivered ten times a year and the rounds are divided up so they shouldn’t take up more than about half an hour to deliver.  We would particularly appreciate receiving interest from volunteers who can manage steps as many of the properties in our area have steps but please don’t be put off volunteering if you find steps difficult, we do have some rounds that don’t involve too many steps.  Please also volunteer if you live in the west of our area, we always need help to cover rounds when people go away, are sick or move away.  If you can help please contact Emily Norton on with Westcombe News distribution in the subject field.


Of course, managing advertising or delivering papers may not be your thing.  We always need other volunteers to for all sorts of tasks.  If you would be interested in helping in anyway such as writing something for the paper or helping at an event please contact Marilyn Little on

Thank you.