A message from the Friends of Mycenae Gardens

The Friends of Mycenae Gardens will hold their next Annual General Meeting on 25 March 2020 at 7pm at the Greenwich Steiner School (the first building on the right, as you approach the gardens of Mycenae House from Mycenae Road).

If you use the gardens or are interested in their wellbeing, please come.  If you are not already a member, you can join on the day or online at mycenaegardens.org.uk.  If you are a member, please consider joining the committee to play your part in the management and development of the gardens and engagement with the local community. For example:

·How should we balance use of the gardens with conservation?

·What more should we do to encourage wildlife, and to enable people to observe and appreciate it?

·Should we support the proposal to introduce beehives? or play equipment?

·How should we deal with vandalism?

New members bring new ideas and new perspectives, which are always welcome.

Inspiration will be provided at the end of the meeting, in an illustrated talk by Rich Sylvester (http://richstories.mayfirst.org)
[1], who will cast the lights and shadows of history and folklore to illuminate our understanding of the gardens, and will draw on a range of experiences elsewhere in the borough to suggest practical ways for people of all ages to engage with the preservation and enhancement of Mycenae Gardens and the Dell.

Your first engagement is to join us at the meeting (and for a drink afterwards).