Planning Permission
The Fanzone has now been given planning permission despite the concerns of many local people and all the local amenity societies. It is scheduled to be on the Queen’s Field, Greenwich Park on a number of dates between 12 June and 12 July 2020.
The last chance for public comment will be at the Royal Greenwich Licencing Committee meeting to be held on Friday 6 March at 11am at Woolwich Town Hall.
More details are available here.


Many of our members are very concerned that an event of this nature with 30,000 attendees will take place in Greenwich Park.  More than 15 people spoke at the Planning Board meeting, most were against the application though it was supported by a small number of speakers including three organisations involved in community days.

The application was approved by 9 votes to 1 as most Councillors felt that the benefits to residents of the borough as a whole outweighed the concerns.

Approval came with a long list of conditions including the following:

  • protection for the Westcombe Park CPZ parking on match days
  • the Avenue will remain open in the morning rush hour on match days
  • there will be a designated family area although alcohol will be available

Further details should be available on the Royal Borough of Greenwich website here in due course.


Licence Application

The Westcombe Society are also objecting to the application for a Licence which is still under consideration.  We encourage residents who have concerns to write to the Council before 20 February.

Some details of the Licence Application can be found on the Euro 2020 Fanzone Licence Application Consultation Letter Jan 20

More details can be found by searching the Licence Register.  Search for Application Type – Premises, Street name – Greenwich Park.  Scroll down and to the right to find the ‘Details’ of the application.

The Euro 2020 Fanzone Licence Application Jan 20 and Euro 2020 Fanzone Licence Plan also give more information.


Westcombe Society concerns

The Westcombe Society’s written objections to the Planning Application, submitted last month, are available in full as follows:

19_3497_F Westcombe Society Response to Planning Application for Fan Zone.

Matthew Pennycook MP has also written expressing his concerns which follow those of both the Westcombe and Greenwich Societies.

In summary the Westcombe Society objections fall under the following headings:

  • 30,000 spectators is excessive
  • Transport and controlled parking arrangements are inadequate
  •  Loss of public access to parts of Greenwich Park, Blackheath and to the World Heritage Site.
  • Unsightly and Obtrusive Infrastructure affecting residents and tourists
  •  Limited benefit for town centre and major tourism venues
  • Climate change: pollution and waste generation and disposal
  • Fear of a precedent for large events in Greenwich Park

Should the application be approved the Westcombe Society have also asked for a number of mitigation conditions including the following (full details in attached document):

  • Match day numbers to be limited to no more than were accommodated for the Equestrian Olympics
  • Arrangements to be made on all days, including match days, for access to the park for residents and visitors through all gates, including access to visitor attractions and Greenwich Town centre.
  • Arrangements to be made on all days for access through the Fan Zone site for pedestrians from 6am (when the park opens) until the park closes on non-match days.
  • Arrangements to be made to keep The Avenue open for rush hour traffic everyday if at all possible.
  • Publication and approval of an access statement for the children’s playground on match days for people coming from every direction.
  • Publication and approval of alternative walking routes when paths through the Fan Zone are closed.
  • Publication and approval of a robust travel plan involving train companies, TfL
  • A review of the necessity for screens at One Tree Hill.
  • A parking plan to amend CPZ controls in the surrounding areas on match days
  • A requirement that all on-site generators run on low emission fuels and have low noise levels.
  • A requirement to avoid the use of plastic (glasses, straws, wrapping etc.) where compostable alternatives are available
  • A requirement to keep the Greenwich Park web site regularly updated with match information
  • Assurances that all grass areas used will be protected and reinstated both in Greenwich Park and on Circus Field and that no areas of acid grassland will be affected.
  • Reinstatement of grass areas to be delayed until after the school summer holidays
  • A clear statement that this is a one-off event and will not set a precedent for future events of this size in Greenwich Park.