The Planning application for a Fanzone in Greenwich Park for Euro 2020 is now being consulted on.

All local residents should have received a communication from the Major Sports Events Department of the GLA outlining their proposal for their screening of the England (and possibly other home nations) Euro 2020 matches on the Queens Field in Greenwich Park.  Whilst we (along with other amenity groups) have been attending meetings with GLA and the event operators little information has been forthcoming on any mitigating action they intend to ameliorate the concerns we have all expressed.

The Westcombe Society feel that up to 30,000 football supporters for up to 14 matches in a popular area of the park during the best part of two summer months, including set-up and take-down, is difficult to support. Especially as part of the site and one of its entry points (East Entrance) is adjacent to the children’s playground. Additionally there will be the community days for up to 5,000 visitors which again will add pressure to normal park activity. Use of certain areas of the Park will be additionally restricted on Match days. This will affect local visitors and tourists alike.

Visitors to the Fanzone will be encouraged to use public transport but any who ignore this advice will add to the already busy roads around the Park and the limited amount of restriction free parking.

We feel that this event will put extreme pressure on local transport options which are already very well used especially during rush hours. Mitigation measures are being considered for fans travelling into London from matches kicking-off at 20.00 ie extra trains.

There is also the movement of these large numbers to their chosen travel option to consider. Many will wish to travel by train from Greenwich station which could cause congestion in the Town centre, affect local businesses and will need careful crowd management.

Travel options and routes have tentatively been outlined in the Planning Application which is now open to view on the Royal Borough of Greenwich web site. 19/3497/F.   The consultation ends on Wednesday 18th December.

We encourage residents to respond and would be very pleased to receive a copy of your comments which can be sent to

If the event is approved by RBG it should not be used as a precedent for the holding of future activities of this nature in Greenwich Park .