We all have different levels of tolerance when it comes to anti-social noises; for some, certain noise may be intolerable whilst to others it may simply be everyday background noise. The Royal Borough of Greenwich has it’s own in-house Noise Team who help and support residents tackle issues around anti social noise.

To better understand how people perceive noise nuisance and it’s impact, our local Council have devised a short 5-minute survey to identify what noise nuisance occurs the most and what types of noise has the biggest impact.

It is a little unclear as to whether the Council want us to answer about noise we hear regularly or whether they want us to answer about how we react to certain noises so we enquired.  We are told that we are quite right that how we perceive the question will impact on how we respond but that, on this occasion, they are interested in how these noises affect us when we hear them.

 The Council would really appreciate our views.


Survey closes 5 November

Image credit Orf3us