Westcombe Park and Maze Hill trains now call at the new London Bridge station but so far some of us haven’t noticed much improvement in services.  There are still weekends with no services and it looks like this will go on into February.

Delays and cancellations are also still happening so we continue to advise passengers to check before they travel, especially at weekends.

Figures have been recently released showing that usage of our trains dropped significantly in 2016/17.  This doesn’t seem surprising as for the whole of that period our trains did not stop at London Bridge.  We wonder what the figures will be this year.  We suspect numbers will increase again unless a significant number of people continue to use alternative routes.

The work at London Bridge is scheduled for completion in May 2018 from which time we hope that disruption will lessen.  (So far all the work has been completed on schedule). We are also hopeful that we will get a twice hourly Thameslink service to London Bridge, Blackfriars and beyond though that will almost certainly mean a reduction in Cannon St services.

Hopefully things will continue to improve but we are wondering how passengers are finding the train services now.  Are they overcrowded?   A huge amount of thought and money has gone into the construction of the new station at London Bridge and it looks good but how do passengers find it?  Does anyone have suggestions for further improvement and/or have the planners missed anything?

Greenwich Line Users Group and the Westcombe Society Environment Committee will continue to lobby for rail improvements so do let us know what you think by commenting below or emailing environment@westcombesociety.org and/or greenwichline@outlook.com