The results of the latest consultation on detailed proposals for a tunnelled, tolled Thames road crossing between the Greenwich peninsula and Silvertown has now been published by TfL.  This proposed scheme could bring major changes to the traffic patterns of the area.  Levels of air pollution and road noise are also likely to be affected if the plans are carried out.

Proposed Silvertown Tunnel route, taken from TfL's 2014 consultation.

Proposed Silvertown Tunnel route, taken from TfL’s 2014 consultation.

The Westcombe Society based its submission on an open meeting for residents held in early December.  The meeting came out against the tunnel, unless much more consideration was given to mitigating the effects of increased traffic.

You can read the consultation report here on the Transport for London website.  A link on the page will take you to the long pdf of the report.

You can find further analysis on the No to Silvertown Tunnel Campaign website.

There will be another, formal, consultation, probably in summer of 2015 before TfL put its plans ahead for formal approval.  In the meantime, TfL have been meeting some local community groups.  The Westcombe Society is scheduling a meeting with them, to discuss the report and our concerns about the plans.