The Friends of Greenwich and Woolwich Foot Tunnels is seeking users’ views, in a survey which you can find here.  Do you walk through, and and would  you prefer to have only pedestrian traffic?  Are you a cyclist who hates having to push your cycle along the tunnel?  Would you like to skateboard along the tunnel?  With safety in the tunnels an issue, as more and more people use them, FOGWOFT wants your input on how the tunnels should be managed.  These are amazing shared spaces, and your views could help keep everyone satisfied as to how they are used.

The group formed in 2013, and is chaired by Industrial Historian and local Councillor, Mary Mills.  The secretary is Ian Blore who can be contacted at and the Press Officer is Francis Sedgemore who can be contacted at  You can read more about the Foot Tunnels and FOGWOFT on page 7 of the Westcombe News October 2013