Blackheath Fireworks took place at 8pm on Saturday 2nd November 2013.  This is an event which is free to all.

Unfotunately this year there is no single sponsor who is willing to fund the actual display.  This means that Lewisham Council are hoping that those who attend will contribute to help make up the shortfall on costs which is currently about £60,000.  In recent years, although both Greenwich and Lewisham Councils cover the costs of policing and road closures in their areas it is Lewisham Council who have taken the risk of covering the cost of the actual fireworks since the Royal Borough of Greenwich withdrew funding a few years ago.  To help raise funds Lewisham were running a PRIZE DRAW the winner of which will have the honour of  pressing the plunger to start the fireworks, plus tickets for themselves and 5 guests to the VIP viewing area with an advance tour of the firing zone.  If you don’t fancy the Prize Draw but would like to support the fireworks please consider making a donation via the Prize Draw page on the Lewisham Council website.   Continuation of Firework displays in future years is dependent on sufficient donations or sponsorship this year.   Many Greenwich residents attend the Firework display from all over the borough and we hope that those who read this post will pass this message onto family and friends.