Week beginning 26 August 2013

13/2152/TC 54 BEACONSFIELD ROAD, BLACKHEATH, LONDON, SE3 7LG front garden: (t1&2) oak (garden of 52), reduce from property by 2.5m and reduce by 30% on the side of No:54. (t3) silver birch fell to ground level due to shading. (t4) silver birch 40% crown reduction due to excessive shading. (t5) Eucalytpus fell due to low amenity value. Back garden (t6&7) limes fell to lower amenity value and small tree that would grow larger in small garden. (t8) Norway maple 40% crown reduction due to excessive shading. (t9) sycamore from No:56 reduce back to boundary.  Consultation Expiry 24 Sep 2013

13/2138/TC OUTSIDE 97 VANBRUGH PARK, BLACKHEATH Fell Sycamore tree on grass verge outisde 97 Vanbrugh Park and replace with silver birch.  Consultation Expiry 18 Sep 2013

Week beginning 19 August 2013

 13/2085/TC 37 VANBRUGH PARK, BLACKHEATH, LONDON, SE3 7AA Cherry (R1) – fell because of excessive shading, low amenity value, and interfering with growth of Oak. No replanting because of size of garden and number of mature trees already present.  Consultation Expiry 23 Sep 2013

13/2111/TC 13A ULUNDI ROAD, BLACKHEATH, LONDON, SE3 7UQ Yew and leylandii hedge – reduce by 600mm (yew will still form a dome shape above hedge) & reduce yew on house side to match leyland hedge (total 30-40% reduction) Ash tree – fell and replace with standard sized ornamental.  Consultation Expiry 13 Sep 2013

Week beginning 12 August 2013 None

Week beginning 5 August 2013

 13/1470/F  99 Coleraine Road, Blackheath, SE3 Installation of rear and side dormer windows, front porch and rear garden wall.  Consultation Expiry 24 Sep 2013

13/1468/CP 99 COLERAINE ROAD, BLACKHEATH, SE3 Construction of a single storey rear extension and alterations to windows.  Consultation Expiry 25 Sep 2013

13/1959/SD John Roan Lower School, Westcombe Park Road, Blackheath, SE3 7QR Submission of details pursuant to condition 3 (Open Spaces) of planning permission dated 19/10/11 Ref: 11/1819/F.  Consultation Expiry 25 Sep 2013

13/1948/SD John Roan Upper School, Maze Hill, Blackheath, SE3 7UD Submission of part details pursuant to condition 2 (Open Spaces) of planning permission and listed building consent dated 19/09/11 (refs: 11/1829/F & 11/1830/L).  Consultation Expiry Not Available

13/1940/TP 21 WESTCOMBE PARK ROAD, BLACKHEATH, LONDON, SE3 7RE Crown reduce Ash tree in rear garden back to last reduction points to leave tree 12m in height and reduce back side laterals by 1-2m.  Consultation Expiry Date Not Available. APPROVED